Innovative Concepts is a collection of unique ways in which signage are created and used not only for branding/promotional purposes, but also to spread awareness about any specific social issue(s) to gain greater attention of the people in general. The aim is to push the boundaries of creativity by inducing new ideas and encroach possibilities that a brand or an issue can be looked at. This section has so much to offer in the name of creativity and out-of-the-box thinking, especially when it comes to promoting a brand or highlighting any specific general issue.

Volkswagen’s Logo Goes Spacious, Enhances Distance Between The Two Letters V & W

​Coronavirus has changed a lot of things for carmakers in recent weeks. The change is very much reflected through their revised iconic logos, although temporarily. In support of the social distancin...

Sunscreen Dispensing Panel Attracts Passers-by in Melbourne

Using an easy to use advertising panel for dispensing free sunscreen, Neutrogena® was able to woo passers-by in Melbourne, who stopped by to take a tiny bottle of sunscreen onto their palms. Leading ...

Raymond’s ‘Complete Man’ Graces Indore Airport

Innovation is key when it comes to outdoor advertising and Times OOH knows it well! The company had recently installed the first man mannequin at Indore International Airport over the baggage belt to ...

Digital Array Marketing: The Latest Innovation in DOOH

Times OOH, one of the leading outdoor media solution provider, has brought an array of 10 Ultra High-Definition digital screens at the arrival passage of the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International ...

BBC Team Brings Dracula Alive at Night Through its New OOH

To mark the arrival of Dracula to BBC screens, the team at BBC Creative has put up two billboards in London and Birmingham, which come to life after dark! In the billboard advertising of the new BBC a...

Godrej Interio Offers Unique Experience to Travellers at Mumbai Airport

Times OOH, India’s largest outdoor advertising agency, has helped Godrej Interio in setting up a first-of-its-kind experience centre in the garb of a retail space, at Terminal 2 of the Chhatrapati S...

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