Innovative Concepts is a collection of unique ways in which signage are created and used not only for branding/promotional purposes, but also to spread awareness about any specific social issue(s) to gain greater attention of the people in general. The aim is to push the boundaries of creativity by inducing new ideas and encroach possibilities that a brand or an issue can be looked at. This section has so much to offer in the name of creativity and out-of-the-box thinking, especially when it comes to promoting a brand or highlighting any specific general issue.

Digital Street Campaign by Dyslexia Association to Spread Awareness

Facial detection technology on digital out-of-home (OOH) screens was used to give the public a sense of what it is like to live with dyslexia in London. The dynamic long-form text that appears on the ...

Inverted Billboard in Bengaluru Draws Attention

Inverted advertisements often ring bells in a negative way however, this ad agency’s reason to flip the poster will definitely make you laugh. The inverted billboard was an ad for a mobile compan...

Facebook Advert Aimed to Refurbish Its Image

Facebook has experienced a rough year when it comes to public sentiment. The company was the focus of intense backlash from their users basically angered by scandals and lack of transparency. They ...

Spotify Creative Highlights Brand’s Latest Witty Work

The rise of smartphones has led brands to lean into out-of-home advertising. Recently, Spotify rolled out its largest marketing campaign highlighting the brand’s free, ad-supported service. The c...

Japan Witnesses First Cannabis Out-of-Home Advert

In a monumental move, Japan has approved the out-of-home advertising of medicinal drugs made from cannabis. The advertisement was produced by Dentsu for Elixinol’s hemp oil product, which is made...

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