Innovative Concepts is a collection of unique ways in which signage are created and used not only for branding/promotional purposes, but also to spread awareness about any specific social issue(s) to gain greater attention of the people in general. The aim is to push the boundaries of creativity by inducing new ideas and encroach possibilities that a brand or an issue can be looked at. This section has so much to offer in the name of creativity and out-of-the-box thinking, especially when it comes to promoting a brand or highlighting any specific general issue.

The World’s FIRST GIGANTIC 3D Robotic Billboard Installed by Coca-Cola

Well, as they say looks matter. In keeping with it, CocaCola has surprised us all by installing a mammoth robotic billboard at Times Square, New York. The project took four years to develop which ha...

Netflix’s Latest “Stranger Things” Uses Fictional Hawkins Power and Light to Advertise

Hawkins Power and Light plays an important role in Netflix’s “Stranger Things”, and in anticipation of the release of the show’s second season, the streaming platform created a sly & in...

Car Wrap Innovation Can do Wonders for Your Business

Every business needs to advertise and market itself to flourish. This barber knows this well. Carlos & Co. barber shop is known for delivering excellence in old age craft, however in keeping wi...

The Body Shop Takes Initiative to Promote Clean Environment

As a part of its commitment to environment activism, The Body Shop launched 3 ads throughout London that removes pollutants from the atmosphere with the help of Airlabs’ air cleaning system. Stra...

Betabrand Reports a Lost Cobra to Generate Footfalls at Retail Store

What do you think would attract your attention towards a billboard? Could it possibly be a notice for a lost cobra? A San Francisco clothing store chose an unusual approach to attract footfalls to...

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