Innovative Concepts is a collection of unique ways in which signage are created and used not only for branding/promotional purposes, but also to spread awareness about any specific social issue(s) to gain greater attention of the people in general. The aim is to push the boundaries of creativity by inducing new ideas and encroach possibilities that a brand or an issue can be looked at. This section has so much to offer in the name of creativity and out-of-the-box thinking, especially when it comes to promoting a brand or highlighting any specific general issue.

Blood Donation through a Virtual Reality App

NHS Blood and Transplant in collaboration with 23Red Advertising Agency designed one-of-a-kind campaign to create awareness among people about the power blood donation holds in saving lives. The cam...

Spotify Sets Example of How to Use Data in Fun Ways

Spotify is saying thanks to its customers but in a very weird and funny way in its new outdoor campaign called, “Thanks 2016, it’s been weird”! Their digital ads rolled at 14 market locations a...

Cadbury Makes Your Life Fun and Relaxing Just Like a ‘Bubble Wrap’

The Westfield London Shopping Centre witnessed this one-of-a-kind sensory-driven advertisement campaign from Cadbury and it was called “Tastes like This Feels”. This tagline was written in huge le...

Coca-Cola Bottles Take Selfie!

The entire world is going crazy clicking selfies and companies are coming up with new applications and technologies to enhance the selfie experience to feed this obsession everyday. Coca-cola is th...

Ghost of Mc Donalds Appeared on Halloween! Fret not, It’s Just Burger King’s Halloween Prank!!

People in one of New York’s famous neighborhoods; Queens were amused by Burger King’s latest Halloween Prank wherein it dressed the restaurant as a ghost of Mc Donald’s. Almost every Burger Ki...

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