Innovative Concepts is a collection of unique ways in which signage are created and used not only for branding/promotional purposes, but also to spread awareness about any specific social issue(s) to gain greater attention of the people in general. The aim is to push the boundaries of creativity by inducing new ideas and encroach possibilities that a brand or an issue can be looked at. This section has so much to offer in the name of creativity and out-of-the-box thinking, especially when it comes to promoting a brand or highlighting any specific general issue.

Unconventional Concept of 3D-Printed Pods Offers Housing For NYC’s Homeless

As the population is growing in big cities there is a tremendous rise of people living on the street. The famous design studio Framlab came up with this great concept which displays how to create tiny...

Peculiar & Intelligent Ad Campaign by Bermuda Which Employs Vehicle Recognition

Media Agency Group & Bermuda Tourism has started ground-breaking multimedia campaign featuring vehicle recognition technology. This recent campaign has highlighted Bermuda tourism successfully thr...

Stuck in a Traffic: McDonald’s is There to Save You

It is really painful being stuck in traffic after a hard day at work. Capitalizing on this McDonald’s, one of the largest fast-food chains has come up with a unique ad, targeting on-goers to pull ov...

Otrivin Brands Itself Through Smart & Creative Sneezing Nose Billboard

APN Outdoor’s innovative XtrackTV, came up with this creative outdoor campaign for Otrivin, which is basically a nasal spray used for local treatments such as nasal congestion.  It had a technical ...

Inventive & Effective Billboards for Safety by Department of Transportation

Road accidents can be prevented by taking effective measures by both individuals and the government. With that initiative, the state departments of transportation in US have come up with creative bill...

Countdown Begins: How Many Sleeps Until Christmas?

In order to celebrate the festive season and create interest among the shoppers main motorway Super stops’ and convenience-forecourts entrances around the country are now welcomed by Digitowers, ful...

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